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Quick Facts...

Friday, November 4th at 7PMSunday, November 6th at 7PM.

  1. Arrive by 7:00PM
  2. Check-in to receive your event gear and get your team assignment!
  3. Please bring your own laptop/computer.

Once you arrive to the building, use elevator code: 2020# to access the 20th floor to LMHQ.

We will have all your meals and drinks taken care of (including coffee 24/7), but if you have any special dietary needs, we do have a refrigerator for you to store your own food in.

We also encourage bringing snacks to share!

We need all kinds of volunteers, not just designers and developers. We need people to do setup, teardown, make badges, put in content, project management, etc. If you are interested, let us know.


150 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10038

Staying the night? As a local event with local volunteers, feel free to leave for the wee small hours of the night to recover. However, we will have a few air mattresses for those who want to spend the night and be sure we get 48 brand new websites DONE and LIVE!

That is the magical question isn’t it? We admit, this is a big undertaking and is going to take a lot of work. Without getting into all of the details, each nonprofit will be assigned a team of one designer and two developers that will do the work on their site. We have taken the time to come up with several processes that will expedite the design and development work, but rest assured, this project will live up to its name and all sites will be designed and developed within the 48-hour span. If you are really curious about the details of how we will accomplish this and want to see it unfold, we would love for you to volunteer to help!

Each nonprofit that wants to participate in 48in48 must meet the below criteria and agree to the following:

The nonprofit must:

  • Serve  New York City.
  • Have at least one full-time employee.
  • Set aside $500 to cover taking the website live after the event. This money may or may not be needed, depending on any advanced technical needs of the website. But we want to make sure IF it needs further work, your Nonprofit is able to get it done.

The nonprofit must agree to:

  • Have content for the website completed by the specified date.
  • Have all questionnaires for the website completed by the specified date.

Nonprofits that meet this criteria can apply and will then be vetted by a volunteer selection committee.

Selections are limited to 48 nonprofits.